Tipperary Sports Partnership (TSP) is a local sports partnership established by Sport Ireland (formerly the Irish Sports Council) via the Tipperary County Council to coordinate, promote and develop recreational sport in Tipperary.

Background to the Local Sports Partnership Initiative

Sport Ireland (then Irish Sports Council) in its first strategy, A New Era for Sport 2000-2002, proposed the establishment of a nationwide network of Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) that would promote participation in sport at a local level. It identified that the effective development of sport and recreation at local level would be best delivered through the adoption of a partnership approach between all bodies and organisations involved in the delivery of sport and recreation locally.
There is now a network of 29 Local Sports Partnerships around Ireland. The key aims of the local sports partnerships are to increase participation in sport and physical activity especially amongst specific target groups and to ensure that local resources are put to their best possible use.
The three main functions of LSP's are summarised as follows:
Information:- To provide information on sport and physical activity
Education:- To provide/support quality opportunities for education and training at local level
Implementation:- To implement a locally developed Strategic Plan which will include the implementation of national programmes at local level

Background to the Local Sports Partnership Initiative

Through the merger of North Tipperary Sports Partnership and South Tipperary Sports Partnership, in line with local government reform, Tipperary Sports Partnership became establised in July 2015.
Tipperary Sports Partnership (TSP) is a local sports partnership established by the Irish Sports Council via the Tipperary County Council (the Local Authority) to coordinate, promote and develop recreational sport in Tipperary.


Tipperary Sports Partnership Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2022 is based on the following vision, mission and five pillars:
Our Vision:
Tipperary experiencing the fun, health, social interaction and wellbeing from participating in sport and physical activity
Our Mission:
Collaboration for variety, opportunities and participants. Operating in partnership to reach and respond to our people.

Our Strategy:
1.Participation: Sharing the enjoyment that comes from participation in sports and physical activity. In so doing we will increase the numbers, volume and range of participation across our community, especially amongst those who participate the least and those who are excluded the most.
2. Sustainable Infrastructure: Sustaining existing natural and built infrastructures. Planning and developing sustainable new infrastructures Encouraging multi-use and accessibility.
3. Training and Education: Supporting the training and education needs of the volunteer coaches and administrators who are the sport-makers in our communities.
4. Information and Communications: Provision is nothing without awareness. TSP will work with others to become an information hub for sports and physical activity for Tipperary.
5. TSP Structures and Administration: as part of our governance process, we will continue to make best use of our resources to strengthen and develop sports and physical activity in the County.

Our Target groups
Older People/ Women in Sport / People with a Disability / Disadvantaged Communities / Unemployed

TSP Committee
The Board of the Tipperary Sports Partnership consists of the following 16 members:
Kevin Cummins; PPN - Sports Representative - Chairperson
Cllr. Peggy Ryan; Elected Representative Tipperary County Council Vice Chairperson
Cllr. Shane Lee; Tipperary ETB
Isabel Cambie; South Tipperary Development Company
Ciaran Kennedy; Tipperary Education Training Board
Cllr. Seamus Hanafin; Elected Representative Tipperary County Council
Brian Beck; Tipperary County Council
Michael Murray; North Tipperary Development Company
Dr. Amy McGuire; Technical University of the Shannon
Catherine O'Loughlin; HSE South East
Ger Fahey; HSE Mid West
Marianne O'Donnell; PPN - Sports Representative
John Paul McCarthy; PPN - Sports Representative
Edel Carey; PPN - Disability Representative
Cillian Dunne: PPN - Sports Representative
John Tooher: PPN - Sports Representative

Governance and Best Practice
Tipperary Sports Partnership complies with the principles and practices of the Governance Code for Sport.

Tipperary Sport Partnership Information
TSP is a proud member of the Federation of Irish Sport and is signed up to the Active Disability Ireland Sport Inclusion Disability Charter.

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Meet the Team

Clonmel Office Nenagh Office

Valerie Connolly Mary Stephens
Sports Co-ordinator Sports Administrator
T: 052 616 6226 T: 052 616 6380
M: 087 7551176 M:087 7189091
Email:vconnolly@tipperarysports.ie Email:mstephens@tipperarysports.ie

Marie Maher Stephen Quinn
Sports Administrator Sports Inclusion Disability Officer
T: 052 616 6201 T:
M: 087 0699734 M:087 3489898
Email:mmaher@tipperaysports.ie Email: squinn@tipperarysports.ie

Thomas Dorney
ESF + Social Innovation In Sport Officer
T: 052 616 6227
M:087 1804191
Email: tdorney@tipperarysports.ie

Robert Murphy
Community Sports Development Officer
T: 052 616 6228
M: 087 3173587

Ian Collins
Community Sports Development Officer
T: 052 616 6229
M: 087 7390571

Niamh Carroll
Administrative Assistant
T: 052 616 6227

Contact Information
The Tipperary Sports Partnership has two offices, one in Clonmel and one in Nenagh. The TSP is based in the offices of Community and Economic Development (CED) section of the Local Authority

TSP Clonmel Office:

TSP Nenagh Office:

Tipperary Sports Partnership
Ballingarrane House
Tel: 052 616 6201
Email: info@tipperarysports.ie
Tipperary Sports Partnership
Civic Offices
Co. Tipperary
Tel: 052 616 6380
Email: info@tipperarysports.ie

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