About Us

The Tipperary Sports Partnership (TSP) is a local sports partnership established by the Irish Sports Council (ISC) via the Tipperary County Council (the Local Authority) to coordinate, promote and develop recreational sport in Tipperary. Tipperary Sports Partnership was formed in 2015 through an amalgamation process between North Tipperary Sports Partnership and South Tipperary Sports Partnership.

Older People/ Women in Sport / People with a Disability / Disadvantaged Communities / Unemployed

The Tipperary Sports Partnership has two offices, one in Clonmel and one in Nenagh.

Clonmel Office Nenagh Office

Through our Strategic Plan, we aim to increase levels of participation in the County

Our overall vision is of a County where all citizens participate in sport and physical activity

Background to the Local Sports Partnership Initiative

The Board of the Tipperary Sports Partnership consists of the following 16 members: