The Winter Initiative Campaign is a major national campaign, which aims to get as many people as possible exercising and participating in physical activity over the coming months.

This FREE initiative encourages participants to increase their daily physical activity by completing a 90 Day Challenge across November, December and January where participants will track their minutes of activity.

Winter is often a time when people become less active due to the shorter daylight hours and worsening weather. However, getting involved in sport, exercise and physical activity can have huge benefits to individuals and communities and the Winter Initiative is designed to ensure that these can be felt by as many people as possible. The campaign will run from the 1st of November to the 31st of January.

Register for free to receive your downloadable exercise tracker and receive weekly motivational emails & tips on how to increase your physical activity and support your mental and physical wellbeing this winter.

Tracked exercise can be any form of sport or physical activity such as walking, running, cycling, gym class, dancing etc.

To register click here

Upon registration, participants will receive a link to a downloadable calendar to track their weekly activity. This will be tracked through minutes of exercise and any form of sport or physical activity can be used such as walking, running, cycling, gym class, dancing etc.

Participants will aim to reach 90 minutes of exercise per week which can be spread across the week or in 2/3 sessions.