Swim for a Mile Tipperary 2019

Become a confident swimmer in 2019! Tipperary Sports Partnership is facilitating Swim Ireland’s Swim for a Mile programme in 2018 through a 12 week instructor led training programme which will take place in the following locations starting the week of the 14th January 2019:

Clonmel Swimming Pool: Tuesday 7-8pm and Friday 7-8pm

Thurles Leisure Centre: Tuesday 7.45-8.45pm and Thursday 7.45-8.45pm

Nenagh Leisure Centre: Tuesday 6-7pm and Thursday 7-8pm

Sean Kelly Sports Centre Carrick on Suir: Monday 8-9pm and Wednesday 8-9pm

Sean Treacy Memorial Swimming Pool Tipperary Town: Tuesday 8.30-9.30pm and Thursday 8.30-9.30pm

The programme requires 3 swimming sessions a week. The programme format will be delivered through two coached sessions in the pool you register for. A third session weekly will be completed through a self guided swim (included in the price). This swim must be used during public sessions in the pool you have registered for (ie. cannot be used in any other of the locations than the one you are training in). You will be provided with a formal workout programme booklet also.

To sign up for the programme you must be able to swim 2 lengths of a 25m pool continuously and be able to thread water. The 12 week programme aims to progress you from swimming only 2 lengths of a swimming pool to confidently swimming a full mile (64 lengths).

Registration opens on December 11th 2018 and can be completed online via the following eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/tsp-swim-for-a-mile-training-programme-ticke...
The TSP swim for a mile training programme is for over 18's. The Swim for a Mile events (please see below) run by Swim Ireland are for 12 years and over.
The cost of the coached training programme is €100 plus online booking fee. Please note this fee is for TSP training sessions only it does not include the fee for the Swim for a Mile event days. For further information about events please see some details below.


Following on from the programme there will be an opportunity to participate in the Swim for a Mile events held in Tipperary on Saturday 13th April where you can showcase your training with the challenge of swimming your timed mile !

The events will take place in two locations in Tipperary in 2019:

Thurles Leisure Centre: Saturday 13th April 10am-1pm

Clonmel Swimming Pool: Saturday 13th April 4pm-7pm

To register for a Swim for a Mile event go to www.swimforamile.com the fee for the event is €30 and covers a timed event of your choice and a swim for a mile goody bag. Please note this does not provide you access to pools for training just for the day of the event.

Places are limited for each location. For any further queries contact the TSP office on 0761-06-6201.

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